Live bets are a great opportunity to quickly replenish your game bank. On the other hand, you can also instantly lose all funds. It is the absence of a long wait for the calculation of rates that makes many players make bets during the match.

Bookmakers receive the main share of the profit from losses in live, because the probability of making a wrong decision is much higher.

Due to the increased excitement and emotions that overshadow the mind, as well as the time constraints for making decisions, many mistakes are made.

Before we begin to consider the main mistakes in order to eliminate them from our practice, it is important to understand that first of all it is necessary to save funds and only then increase them. If you haven’t made a bet, you are guaranteed not to lose.

Instant wagering

Perhaps the most common mistake when playing live is trying to play quickly. It is clear that losing is perceived as extremely painful. I would like to instantly close the defeat with a winning rate. In a hurry, the wrong choice is made, therefore, in most cases, the bet does not come in. You are losing even more.

This is called excitement and it is not easy to resist, especially when there is a tendency to gambling addiction. If you think that you are able to control yourself, you just lack a little discipline, then we offer the following solutions to the problem.

First, set the time interval between live actions. Let’s say you make no more than one bet per hour. So you will start to take responsibility for the choice and give priority to the most worthwhile option. When there are no restrictions, you can make at least 10 bets. Now you have to think before you put

Professionals react normally to failure, draw conclusions and move on. They know that later they will pick up a reliable option and win back, and the rush will only hinder and increase the losses.

Second, set a daily limit for lost funds. If you lost 5,000 rubles, stop playing. Take a rest, sort out mistakes, view the list of events for the coming days

It is important to artificially create constraints and stick to them. If self-discipline is lacking, don’t worry – it won’t last long. The desire to instantly win back will quickly reset the balance in the bookmaker’s office.
An equally popular mistake, which is often a consequence of the previous one. You have lost, you want to win back. And what is the fastest way to do this? To bet all the money, and even on a very reliable outcome. For example, with a factor of 1.05.


Another option is also possible – a reassessment of one’s own capabilities. Let’s say 5 or 10 bets have entered in a row. Belief in your own strength appears, you think that today is your day. Why not take a chance? All or nothing! Most often, the last option is obtained – nothing.

Resisting gambling is extremely difficult. If mistakes are repeated many times, it is better to give up the idea of ​​playing live. Try to bet only prematch – analyze events in detail and place bets on a fixed percentage of your bankroll.

Lack of pre-match analysis

How often do you place a live bet based on your superficial knowledge of the teams or your intuition? Perhaps always. It is enough to watch the broadcast a little in order to make a forecast.

The most dangerous thing about this mistake is that, due to luck, the player believes that he is doing everything correctly. However, the following setbacks will quickly bring him back to his senses.

It is better to use live as an additional tool, rather than the main one. For example, when there are doubts about the outcome, it is difficult to determine the total, etc. You need to watch the fight in order to make a decision. Unfortunately, only professionals adhere to this tactic.

It is unlikely that someone will analyze the event in advance in order to put it live. Unless in order to increase the odds for certain outcomes. I am glad that, unlike the two previous mistakes, this nuance is less critical for the game bank.

Spontaneous bets

You have opened the bookmaker’s website. Most often, live events are displayed on the login page.

We saw a duel between teams with familiar names. We made a decision immediately and delivered. Do you remember that once this team played well, and its rival was constantly fighting for survival. However, things are changing rapidly in sports. Yesterday’s outsider can take places in the European Cup zone, and vice versa.

An excellent example is FC Monaco. The team won the French championship several seasons ago, played in the Champions League, and fought for survival in the last championship. Not much has changed in the new season. Despite the strong line-up, the Monegasques still do not show a high level of play and are at the bottom of the tournament table.

The French Ligue-1 is the TOP tournament, so you are aware of the situation. In live, most of the bets are placed on little-known teams. Therefore, no spontaneous bets.
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Betting at random

This mistake differs from the previous one in that random bets are made regularly, purposefully. That is, the player bets at random in many matches. For example, the total is more in almost all events.

There may be different outcomes, the essence does not change, because there is neither analysis nor an adequate idea of ​​the strength of the opponents. The solution is not to bet without analysis.

Factor benchmark

Many slopes bet on favorites, big-name clubs. Everything would be fine if the position in the standings, head-to-head statistics and other data were not ignored. Professionals try to choose quotes around two, but beginners do not hesitate to flirt even with 1.1.

The logic is simple – how can such a low odds not work? And how. Borussia Dortmund missed the victory in the last minutes, although it was the clear favorite.

Also, you should not be guided by the current score and bet on the total less at the end of the match with the words “yes, they won’t score two goals in five minutes”.

Bookmaker Mistake Betting

Bookmaker companies work with huge amounts of information. Most of the processes are automated, and people who must monitor the health of systems do not always properly cope with their duties. However, the origin of errors in the line of the office is not so important. The main thing is not to bet on them.

In a basketball game, the incorrectly indicated total of 16.5 instead of 165 will easily break through, but you will not receive money. This also applies to incorrectly posted quotes, typographical errors in the list. For example, instead of the coefficient 2.3 – 23.

These nuances are spelled out in the rules of the bookmaker’s office, so it makes no sense to cheat.


In fact, there are much more mistakes, but the solution to each of them lies in the awareness and refusal to commit them at the expense of willpower. If a person is not able to control himself, then hardly anything will help.

Don’t bet for fun when you think of betting as a way to make money. The same applies to betting while intoxicated. Avoid betting on favorite and unfamiliar teams.

Live should be an advantage for you. It is necessary to benefit, and not make many mistakes and constantly lose money. Do the analysis before the match, and when in doubt, start watching the broadcast and make the final decision. After the starting whistle, you know the lineups, you can assess the mood of your opponents and understand the tactics.

Sometimes the odds in the prematch are not satisfactory, so you can follow the quotes during the fight and at the right moment, take the most advantageous value. For example, if the score is zero, the odds for winning teams and the total increase more. And when a quick ball is scored, the value for a draw increases and the total is less.