Those who like to collect bets on big express bets often notice that the whole epic construction fails when it seems that the “priest’s” happiness is so close. Everything from the fact that literally 1-2 events do not go. Against the background of continuous visits to 10-15 matches, this is very disappointing, no doubt about it. There are many tricks designed to increase the efficiency of express bets, to maximize the chances of a full entry. We raised this topic in one of our recent publications. However, today it is time to disassemble another very original way of modernizing classic express trains. It will be about how to cross such a method of sports arbitration as corridors with our express trains. We tested this approach in football, therefore we will give examples from this sport. But you can move your convolutions and adapt our developments to any other sport,

A short excursion into the topic, for those who are not in it at all. Express is a type of bet where several outcomes from different matches are combined into a single structure. In this case, the coefficients are multiplied. This means that you can bet relatively little, and win a tidy sum. That is why numerous beginners and not too sophisticated players are greedy for such bets. In order for the express to win, every single event must be entered. If at least one component loses, then the whole express will fail.

Corridors are bets of the opposite direction, but with a gap. For example, the total match total is more than 1.5, and the second bet on the total total is less than 3.5. This is a corridor. If there are 2 or 3 goals in the game, then both bets will play. If there are 0-1 goals, then the first will lose, but the second will win, if 4 or more, then vice versa. And such examples can be given for general and individual totals, odds, some other markets from the bookmaker’s line. Typically, classic corridors are used in the so-called “surebet” situations. But this is a separate, rather slippery topic at present. We will take the principle, but we will apply it in regular matches so as not to run into office sanctions.


A typical popan express is to score 20 matches, where the events will be something like this:

  • 1X;
  • Handicap (0);
  • The team will score;
  • ITB (1);
  • TB (2);
  • TM (4).

There are desperate ones who collect their accumulators from bets on clean wins, on ITB (1.5), total TB (2.5), both will score, but this is quite a clinic. If at all to assemble “steam locomotives” from such risky conditions, which, in fact, are themselves hidden express trains, then the number is limited, rarely more than 4-5 pieces. Rather than collecting 10-20 such outcomes, it is easier to donate money to the poor. Moral satisfaction will be even higher than the sum so mediocrely poured out to “bukam”.

Usually, the given outcomes are estimated not too high quotes, since the players try to choose the most confident betting conditions. As a rule, it is in the region of 1.20-1.50, extremely rarely up to 1.70-1.80, if only the bookmaker underestimated some team, or the total. Percent 80 is a range of 1.20-1.30.

So, one such express is being assembled. For example, with an average odds of 1.25, yes for 20 events, the final indicator is in the region of 86-87. By betting 120 rubles on this, you can win 10K. Not bad. The problem, as mentioned at the beginning, is that such mega-express trains are extremely rare. Due to too much, one thing is sure to break off. And if the player uses all sorts of controversial outcomes, then even more so. We propose a method when not one express is assembled, but two at once. And the outcomes in them are opposite, with the formation of a corridor.

For example, in one group we take the handicap (0) on “Team 1”, and in the second – the handicap (+2) on “Team 2”. Let’s say for a clear victory the first ones are given 1.63. Then the handicap with zero on theirs will be estimated at about 1.25, and the handicap +2 on the opponent, about 1.21. Accordingly, if the second team wins, then only the second part will play. If the favorite wins 3 or more goals, then only the first one. In case of a tie, there will be a return on the first, but a win on the second. If you win at exactly 2, naked – the win is already on the first, but the return is on the second. And if the difference in the score is exactly 1 goal, then both sides will play. It turns out that we have a situation when three variants of the difference in the score at once leave our express trains afloat. Let only one option be mutually winning, and for the other two, returns are possible, on such large express trains the survivability factor is much more important than the pursuit of profit and extra 0s.

Or another example, with totals. In one group, the rate on TB (1.5) is taken at 1.24, and in the other – TM (4) at 1.21. It turns out that the lineout here is already 2.5 goals. With 2-3 balls, both sides enter, with 4 goals – a win in the first part, and a return on the second. For such options, they look for games where they are sure of at least 2 goals, but they do not see 5 goals either.

Of course, this is not a panacea, not a magic button that will make it easy to make money. However, against the background of simple fortune-telling, which is similar to drawing up ordinary large express trains, here we have much wider room for maneuver. Especially when forecasting is at a level, I usually fly only 1-2 offensive matches. The opposite express is likely to absorb them, due to the corridor at least one of the two will enter, which will still give a very solid profit.


This method can be further improved. The idea is to make up a few more smaller express trains from the outcomes, which will work as props. Let’s say the average odds are 1.22. We get two large corridor express trains, with the final figures of about 53. We put 100 rubles for each, for a total of 200 rubles.

From our 20 matches, we collect 4 more express trains, 10 in each, also according to the principle of the corridor. The average coefficient for each will be around 7.30. For each we put down, for example, 75 rubles. In total, for all these 6 express trains we played 500 rubles.

4 * 75 + 2 * 100 = 500

If at least one press for 10 events wins, we get:

75 * 7.30 = 547.5

That is, we remain with our own people, and a little more from above, as compensation for moral damage. But if in all 20 matches we get into the middle, then the total net winnings will exceed 12,000 rubles.

Similar methods can be used to work with smaller express trains in terms of the number of components, the main thing is to calculate everything.