For many uninvolved people, sports betting seems like a simple game and fun. And they really can be perceived that way. But betting is fraught with many unexpected and specific aspects. It is not easy to understand them on the fly. Only with experience does the bettor come to understand the different nuances of the game: sports, psychological, financial, mathematical. We do not pretend that in this guide we will reveal all the secrets of sports betting. But many tips and tricks will definitely come in handy for novice players.

A huge number of articles have been written about sports betting, which can be read by anyone on the Internet. What secrets can there be! Yes, there is really a lot of information, but not for all beginners this turns out to be a positive moment.

When a large array of data, texts, recommendations falls on you, it is difficult not to miss some important nuances. The “secrets” listed below are the secrets of Punchinelle. But do not be lazy and read this material. It will be especially useful for beginners. There are no tips here that will make you rich, but they will definitely help you avoid many problems.

Secret number 1. Don’t expect 100% winnings

The first mistake a beginner makes is hoping for big and quick earnings on sports betting. This comes not only from self-confidence, but also from ignorance of the elementary mechanics of betting. Betting is not just about guessing the results of upcoming or current sporting events. Bookmaking is a big business in which companies make money, and not just create space for customers to play and win.

Why are bookmakers stronger?

The bookmaker aims to get super profits at the expense of its clients. And she has all the prerequisites for this, because the bookmaker is always in a better position than the player, for the following reasons:

  1. Technological capabilities. Companies purchase the best software for the formation of the list and coefficients of sports events. Such software is rarely mistaken in terms of determining the likelihood of a particular outcome. And if machine errors do appear, the bookmaker has a staff of analysts whose tasks include tracking and correcting them.
  2. Bookmaker margin. The company’s commission is included in each outcome in the list of betting markets. That is, at the exit you get a quote that is several percent lower than the net probability of the outcome. When playing at a distance, such percentages often become critical for making a profit.

A bookmaker’s office is not a platform for earning clients, but a commercial enterprise that makes a profit on the latter. You don’t need to be overconfident and think that you will be among the small percentage of players who will be lucky.

What if the player is in a losing position?

The main thing is to realize the real situation, and not dream of regular super profits on sports betting. To begin with, you must adhere to the following rules and principles:

  1. Play with free money only . Under no circumstances invest in bets funds needed for other purposes – business, family, medical treatment, recreation, etc.
  2. Decide on the purpose of the game – entertainment or earnings. In the first case, a person simply gets pleasure from the cheerleader’s emotions, enhanced by a bet on his favorite team. In the second, he hopes to make a profit at a distance.
  3. The consistency of the game . If you want to make money, you must develop a betting strategy and act according to a financial scheme. The latter is important in order to distribute the dedicated bank over a long period. This will allow you to gain experience in finding value odds, improve your own strategy.

Secret number 2. Psychology is more important than accurate calculations

Many players have good math skills, are able to think in a systematic way and are well versed in sports, but all the same, over time, they go into negative territory. Most often this happens not because of strategic calculations, but for psychological reasons.

Sports betting is a game of chance where the entertainment and emotional factor plays an important role.

If you do not learn to restrain emotions, then you will hardly be able to make money at a distance. Most often, overly temperamental players make the following mistakes:

  • follow their cheerleader preferences rather than relying on a sober analysis of the event;
  • deviate from the strategic plan for an interesting match or major tournament;
  • rush to recoup because of discontent from a series of offensive losses.

The last point is the most dangerous. It is the desire to recoup at all costs and to do it as quickly as possible that often leads to the bank being drained. The player raises the stakes, takes more risks, loses his composure. If you notice such a “sin” behind yourself, then it is better not to bet. Most likely, there will come a time when you lose your temper and lose a lot of money.

Secret number 3. The bookmaker can do anything with your account

Many clients automatically tick the checkbox in the registration form in front of their agreement with the rules of the bookmaker’s work. And even if then they open this section on the bookmaker’s website, they do not study a large and boring text with formalities. And the rules usually indicate interesting points, which, for example, include:

  • the right of the company at any time and without giving reasons to refuse to provide services to the client;
  • the ability to set limits on the size of bets for each player personally;
  • calculation of winning bets with odds of 1.00 due to various reasons, for example, due to equipment failure or errors in setting odds;
  • the right of the bookmaker to conduct additional identity checks in relation to the client, request documents, payment details.

Imagine a situation that a person began to win a lot and regularly, being a cool sports forecaster. The bookmaker company will easily protect itself by cutting its limits or even denying service. At the same time, the office is right, because it does not violate the rules with which the player agreed at the time of creating an account on the bookmaker’s website.

Clients often complain about all sorts of “injustices”. But in most cases, such claims are unfounded, since bookmakers strive to work in strict accordance with the rules for the sake of their own reputation. The fact that the player did not familiarize himself with the formal conditions is purely his problem.

Secret number 4. Don’t count on outside help

On the Internet, you will find many offers from “professionals” who are ready to guarantee huge profits from sports betting. These are all kinds of cappers, forecasters, doggers (they sell information about supposedly fixed matches). Such “specialists” are looking for clients using different tools:

  • social networks;
  • messengers;
  • business card sites, etc.

Pass right away if the “forecaster”:

  • gives referral links for registration in an online bookmaker – this means that he will make a profit from the money that clients have lost;
  • promises guaranteed, fast and large profits;
  • shows statistics with 80-90% of winning bets;
  • has a lot of positive reviews, clearly of a customized nature.

The tappers’ statistics need to be taken with a grain of salt. There are many different ways to manipulate data – from inflating quotes to deleting unfinished bets. Objective statistics are available only on specialized verifier portals. If you still look for the services of a professional assistant, then make sure that he is not afraid to use such sites and confirms his success on a third-party objective resource.

It is better not to engage in sports betting if you are relying not on your knowledge, but only on someone else’s help.

On the other hand, do not be lazy to read freely available sports predictions. Do not take them as a direct guide to action – making a bet. Use these predictions as information for thought, additional help to your own analysis of events.

Secret number 5. It’s not profitable to bet on low odds

Many novice gamblers believe that by placing bets on outcomes with a high probability of entering, they will be in profit. This is another common misconception. Bets on low quotes – at the level of 1.10-1.30 will definitely lead you into the negative.

This is facilitated by a number of objective factors:

  1. The frequency of unexpected results. In order to gain profit, you will have to make 5-10 successful predictions against one losing one. In sports, sensations are not uncommon and it is very difficult to achieve such a win-win percentage.
  2. Inflated bookmaker margin. For matches where opponents meet with a clear difference in class, bookmakers overestimate the commission set in the odds. This is a way of protection.
  3. Download quotes. Due to the large amount of money bet on the favorite, the odds automatically go down. Here the bookmaker works as a kind of exchange, responding to customer demand.
  4. Special understatement of quotations. This is a certain trick of the bookmaker. If a team or an athlete-favorite has, for example, 70% chances to win, then the coefficient is set not 1.40, but conditionally 1.20-1.30. Such distortions will certainly affect the player’s profit at a distance.