disclaimer-statement.info Weekly Roundup: Your Money Matters Interview Edition

This past weekend, I had an hourlong interview on the syndicated Your Money Matters radio show, hosted by Marc Pearlman. You can or listen to it in iTunes.

Also, I’ve recently written a few articles for OPEN Forum that you may want to read that focus on frugality and small businesses.

You don’t have to incur a mountain of debts to build a small business. There are many, many quietly successful small business out there, and here’s a tale of one.

Many businesses fail simply because they assume their customer base knows about them. Often, they don’t, and here’s a perfect example of a business failing because they failed to reach their target customers (me, in this case).

A business succeeds when a business owner can identify what their true goals are with the business – and not every business has the same goals.

Running a small business means that you are often stuck with some hard choices. Often, it’s a matter of choosing the least of all evils.

Here are some interesting articles on personal finance from around the ‘net.

I haven’t had to dip into our emergency fund in a long time, though we have had a few emergencies that would probably warrant it (especially during the final year of owning our old rusty truck). (@ )

This is an option that a lot of people overlook when they’re thinking about cutting costs. If you have a job that you could find in any city – or any town of any size – then relocating should always be an option on the table for you. (@ )

I believe that a lot of unhappiness and struggle in the world (including personal finance problems) comes about from people not doing this. Life just flows so much better when you’re chasing something with all your might. (@ )

I agree with the conclusion here – if you’re actually afraid of economic collapse, you’re better off investing in tangible things (like sustainable water, sustainable energy, and sustainable food) than buying a lot of gold or silver, because if the dollar is worthless, we’re not going to be using gold and silver as a means of exchange. We’ll be using tangible goods. (@ )

This is a very profound argument on behalf of a “training buddy” or a coach or a teacher. They’re the “green dot” that helps you get past the point where the hassle of a new behavior exceeds the joy. Many people don’t have the kind of self-motivation to get there themselves. (@ )

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