disclaimer-statement.info Weekly Roundup: Yellow Edition

My twenty month old daughter’s favorite word is “yellow.” “What’s your favorite color, honey?” “Yellow!” “What do you want for supper?” “… yellow?” “What should I post about this morning, sweetie pie?” “YELLOW!”

So, to make her happy, this sentence is written in bright yellow. See, honey? Dad made something yellow for you.

A good mentor that really matches who you are is a great find, and this is a pretty insightful way to evaluate potential mentors to find a good match. (@ )

I thought this was actually a good insight into how the whole “Dave Ramsey certification” system actually works. I’m naturally a skeptic, I guess. (@ )

Why Do People Still Have Landlines? I thought this post outlined a few clear divisions in life experiences. For one, cell phones tend to not work in disasters when you need them the most – land lines hold up well, while you’re out of cell phone luck if something knocks down a tower or two. Another factor – in rural areas, cell phone reception is dodgy, so if you live rural, a land line is essential. So, no, it’s not so you can “make it more confusing for friends and family to keep track of all of your phone numbers.” Quite honestly, I rarely use my cell phone at all and I’ve strongly considered moving to a pay-as-you-go phone for the rare times I use it. (@ broke grad student)

Excellent post that really illustrates the cost of driving fast in pure gas costs. This doesn’t include the risk of getting a speeding ticket (a very real risk – trust me). (@ )

I see no real reason to not continue with buy-and-hold investing. If you lost 50% over the last two years and couldn’t afford that loss, the problem was asset allocation, not buy-and-hold. (@ )

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