disclaimer-statement.info Weekly Roundup: Thank You Edition

On behalf of myself and my family, thank you to the hundreds (perhaps thousands) of readers who directly sent us messages of condolence – and a few small memorial gifts as well. It is truly, truly appreciated.

Ever wondered how exactly a blog makes money? This is perhaps the best one-page description of how to do it that I’ve yet read. (@ )

J.D. Roth from and Jim Wang from have started a weekly radio show. You can download the older episodes at their website – they’re pretty good.

Having social support for frugality is key, but many people have a hard time finding that support. This is a brilliant idea for making a very fun, social, frugal evening. (@ via )

Excellent advice for the millions of teachers out there, particularly those who have suddenly found themselves as the sole breadwinner in a home where their partner is newly unemployed. (@ )

I’ve repeatedly discussed how valuable a social circle can be, but it’s often difficult to build one from scratch, particularly if you live in a new area. This is some great advice on getting started. (@ )

I often dream of this very thing – getting a little piece of land out in the country, setting up a big garden and some small-scale organic livestock farming, and getting as off the grid as possible with things like a wind turbine for our electrical needs. (@ )

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