disclaimer-statement.info Weekly Roundup: Snow Edition

I woke up this morning to the first snow of the year. Thankfully, it’s going to melt away in the next few hours so I don’t have to pull out the snowblower, but I did get to have some fun teaching my one year old how to throw a snowball at his four year old sister.

The one that really works for me at this point in my life is “early to bed and early to rise.” If I get a good night of sleep so that I can rise with the children and still feel fully rested, I tend to have a very productive day. I think the key is simply knowing yourself well enough to know when you’re most productive during a day and rework your day so you can capitalize on that. (@ )

I have profited several times from thrift store finds, but it was almost exclusively due to trading or due to finding something at a very inexpensive price that worked perfectly as a gift. Thrifting is really worthwhile, but you’ve got to be willing to walk by 999 pieces of junk to find the one gem. (@ )

I think that micromanaging can eventually grow into simply having very strong natural behaviors for conserving money. I believe that’s exactly what happened to me over a multi-year period. (@ )

During the job interviews I’ve had and that I’ve conducted, I’ve felt that it was really valuable to know what traits the person asking the questions is looking for. This is actually a pretty good list. (@ )

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