disclaimer-statement.info Weekly Roundup: Open Forum Edition

Recently, I’ve started contributing a weekly article about saving money on small business expenses to , a site that covers a wide variety of small business topics.

I’m also hosting those articles here on disclaimer-statement.info in its own “small business” section. If you’d like to visit this section, you can check it any time you like by visiting the “small business” link along the top of any page.

So far, I have two articles posted there:

Dreading the Cost of Software for Your Business? Try These Free Solutions discusses a giant handful of great free software solutions for small businesses, enabling them to redirect their resources to other things.

Articles from me will be appearing there weekly, and I’ll include new ones in the weekly roundup. Any time you want to browse through them or check for a new article, just hit the “small business” link along the top of any page.

Here are some additional great personal finance articles from around the web.

This is basically a checklist of financially bad behaviors that I considered completely normal just a few years ago. (@ via )

I especially agree with the idea of surrounding yourself with like-minded people. If you’re trying to be thrifty while spending your time with big spenders, you’ll find it very hard to save money. (@ )

I went through almost this same internal debate. My final solution was easy – I just started closing the door to my office all the time. It was a great psychological barrier. (@ )

This is a really clever trick! If you buy lots of inexpensive wines, you’re going to get some lemons, so this is a great way to turn those lemons into lemonade! (@ )

This is an excellent look at how to read a credit report. Sometimes, they can be really confusing. (@ )

I find that, if you can make a change measurable and keep measuring yourself on a regular basis, that measurement becomes a great motivator for change. (@ )

This is simply an awesome collection of tips. (@ )

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