disclaimer-statement.info Weekly Roundup: Netflix Streaming Edition

I just wanted to mention something that I think is a great value for those of you who own a Wii or a PlayStation 3 – you can now get a free Netflix streaming app from the app store on your console. If you have a Wii, just visit the Nintendo Store; if you have a PS3, it should have magically appeared in the Video section of your system menu.

Netflix streaming is pretty much replacing cable for us at this point. For $9 a month, you get access to a huge library of titles that you can watch at your convenience, you get new releases in the mail on DVD (or BluRay, if you have a PlayStation 3). The selection of movies and television shows on there, in conjunction with what you can watch in terms of new programs on the web, leaves us almost without any need for cable at this point.

Eliminating these technologies certainly can be a money saver. (@ )

I agree strongly with this idea. I’m looking far more forward to traveling to Seattle next summer with my children than I am looking forward to any sort of material item I might acquire. (@ )

This is actually a comic, but it illustrates a great point: a side job (like delivering pizzas) can help whack down your debt and make your life a whole lot easier. (@ )

There’s a good point here, but I think there will be some rage at the conclusion. I agree with the idea that many people are often going into job hunts with unrealistic expectations and refuse to “settle.” (@ )

Some great reflections on what really matters when it comes to careers and moeny. (@ )

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