disclaimer-statement.info Weekly Roundup: High Alert Edition

As I write this, Sarah is actually well past her due date without a baby arriving. She’s pretty uncomfortable at this point, but is keeping up good spirits with a healthy daily dose of naps, reading, and relaxation. As for me? I’m trying to keep the ball halfway rolling until the baby arrives.

This is a topic that has been heavily on my mind lately (as you’ll find out later today). I think teenagers learn a lot of very poor lessons about money and careers during high school and college. (@ )

Self-storage is a double whammy. Not only are you retaining more stuff than you have room for or have time for which could be liquidated and turned into cash, you’re also paying for the privilege of storing it. Not good, all around. (@ )

One big thing that people often forget in the process of spring cleaning is cleaning up their outdoor air conditioning unit. It can use a bit of the ol’ maintenance to keep running well and run as efficiently as possible. (@ )

We have an original painting in our living room that’s currently unframed, mostly because we’re completely unsure what to do in terms of framing and we’re largely convinced whatever framing we got for it would be grossly overpriced. This article has given us ideas. (@ )

It doesn’t have to be, but I think to do so, you have to be very careful with your meal planning, centering your meals around the produce that you can get on sale this week. If you’re not much of a planner, then convenience foods are going to be far cheaper. (@ )

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