disclaimer-statement.info Weekly Roundup: Haircut Edition

I love the feel of a simple haircut. I love the sensation of the hair leaving my head. I love running my fingers through my newly-shortened hair. I love the sense of wind blowing through the shortened hair, causing a sensation on my scalp that I haven’t felt in a while.

It’s really the simple things that make life worthwhile.

I think there’s actually a pretty compelling argument for a prenupital agreement as a form of “marital insurance.” It’s similar to the logic of why you would buy car insurance – you don’t intend to wreck your car or have a storm knock a tree onto it, but why not have protection against it in case it happens? (@ )

I’ve actually had a draft of a post going over this very topic. What would I do differently if I could stick myself into my 18 year old body again. If I could turn the clock back to 1996, what would I do differently? This great post has made my wheels start turning again. (@ )

Has the economic downturn made America more conscious of personal finances? I think the answer is yes, but I think that there will be a rollback pretty quickly when the economy improves. (@ )

If you’ve built everything in your life around avoiding failure, you’ve probably succeeded at that, but you’ve likely also avoided big successes, too. (@ )

My wife’s dress is still hanging in the closet. I think there’s an emotional tie there that’s pretty deep, not so much as a symbol of the wedding, but as a symbol of the marriage. (@ )

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