disclaimer-statement.info Weekly Roundup: Construction Progress Edition

Out of the window of my office, I’ve had the pleasure of watching an ongoing home construction project. The project has been ongoing for the past two or three months, so I’ve been able to watch almost every step along the way, from the digging and pouring of the foundation to the erection of the walls and the application of siding.

It’s been enjoyable – and educational – to watch the house come together, piece by piece. They’ve moved primarily to indoor finishing now, but I can still see some of the ongoing work through the windows.

While I don’t like how the house sits right in the middle of my view out of the window, I do welcome the new neighbors, particularly because they have children close in age to my own children.

Punting Your Cable TV Bill If you have a $50 a month cable or satellite bill, that bill will add up to $6,000 over the next decade. You could buy a car with that money – and you’d have a lot more free time, too. (@ )

Execute these three steps well and your financial life will be in better shape. (@ )

Perhaps “spend less than you earn” should become “earn more than you spend.” It puts the goal of the statement on earning more than on frugality. (@ )

When playing games, this is often called “analysis paralysis.” The solution in games – and in life – is to institute some sort of hard artificial limit – a timer of some sort. (@ )

There are a lot of good ideas here. One big step for us is to save all pure vegetable scraps so we can make vegetable stock out of them later. It turns what would otherwise be garbage into something delicious. (@ )

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