disclaimer-statement.info Weekly Roundup: Audiobook Edition

Quite a few people have requested an audio version of my recent book, . You’re in luck. The audio book is now or you can . Alternately, if you’re already an Audible member, you can . Stefan Rudnicki did a great job with the reading (in my opinion) – he’s won 11 Audie awards from the Audio Publishers Association for his excellent work over a broad scope of audiobooks.

Anyway, on with some interesting articles I’ve read recently.

I’m coming around to the belief that negativity is the absolute biggest opponent people have for individual success. Negativity does nothing but hold you back. (@ )

“As a nation, we’re not really cutting back, we’re just giving the outward impression that we are.” In the end, it’s still all about what other people think for an awful lot of people. Success comes from within, not from without. (@ )

I agree when it comes to people you’ll never have to socially interact with in the future. The problem is introduced when you’ll have to be around these people in the future, in which case it makes sense (to me) to tread more carefully. (@ )

My solution to this is to focus much more heavily on the “choosing” rather than the actual “buying.” (@ )

I think the traditional definition of “retire and sit in the Barcalounger at age 65” is dying, if not already dead. (@ )

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