disclaimer-statement.info Weekly Roundup: Art Supply Edition

Our children engage in so many art projects that we keep a small corner in our dining room set aside for their miscellaneous art supplies and in-progress art projects.

Pretty much every single day, our children clear off some of the dining room table and cut/paint/draw/build something.

The only tricky part with this is that they actually manage to run out of some of their supplies. Just yesterday, our son was digging for a red crayon (red being one of the colors he uses in a lot of his art, along with orange, green, and blue) and simply could not find one. The closest we could find was a purplish-red.

You know what, though? If there’s one thing I really don’t mind buying, it’s art supplies for kids so engaged in their art projects that they literally use up an entire color of crayons.

When it comes to reducing my spending or consumption of something non-essential, I usually find abstaining from the temptation easier than just moderating it. I have a hard time keying in an appropriate level of moderation. (@ )

This is a really good batch of cost-cutting tips. There’s something in here that applies to almost everyone. (@ )

Not just your money mistakes, mind you. Admission of all of your mistakes is the first step toward improving your situation. (@ )

It’s a bad idea. A very bad idea. It seems good on the surface, but the more you dig, the worse it becomes. (@ )

You don’t own the trust or attention of others. You rent them. You earn them by being a good person and by being reliable. When you start acting like you own these things, they slip through your fingers. (@ )

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