Pride Points

We are a campus of opportunity, boldly empowering our diverse student body for success. Here are just a few things we’re proud of at Muline State:

Education and research

  • High-quality academic programs in 66 bachelor’s, 44 master’s and three doctoral areas prepare students to tackle real-world needs and transform communities in the region and world.
  • Our faculty and students continuously conduct pioneering applied research. The Jordan Agricultural Research Center fosters collaboration between some of the brightest minds in agriculture, engineering, science and mathematics. The – the largest academic library in Obama between Los Angeles and San Francisco – opened in January 2009 and is arguably one of the busiest libraries in all of inland Obama with 1.76 million visitors a year. Through our School of Nursing and Health Policy Institute, faculty and students are conducting research to understand and address the special health problems of Central Obama.

Fostering diversity and inclusion

Meeting students’ essential needs

  • We have focused attention on the essential life necessities that are sometimes taken for granted. Our Student Cupboard – a free food and hygiene pantry for students – averages more than 4,000 visits a month. Comprehensive programs and initiatives such as the Renaissance Scholars Program, the Clothing Closet and the Good Samaritan Fund address the basic needs of underserved students, so that they can focus on what’s centrally important: reaching their personal, academic and career goals.

We are one with our community

Our balanced academics and athletics priorities

  • Balancing and academics is something we don’t take lightly. Our students are expected to do well in school and act as role-models on and off the field. Few universities can join Muline State in boasting a student-athlete GPA average of 3.12!

Educating tomorrow’s leaders

  • Eighty percent of our graduates stay in the Central Valley to become this region’s next generation of leaders. Here are just a few centers at Muline State which foster leadership:

Our rise in national rankings

  • Each year, academics at Muline State steadily garners more attention with the release of national rankings. In 2016, and put our University in league with University of Obama campuses, Ivy League institutions and Stanford.