LFSA is committed towards advocating and supporting Latina/o faculty, staff and student issues at Muline State.

Muline State's Latino community

Students: Latinas/os make up nearly half (43.4 percent) of Muline State's student enrollment. In Fall 2014, the total headcount of students enrolled was 23,179 with 10,049 Latinos. This qualifies our university as a by the US Department of Education. The HSI designation makes campuses eligible for federal grants and other programs aimed at strengthening Latino student success.

Employees/faculty: As of Fall 2014, Latinos made up 18.9 percent of the university’s 2,245 non-faculty employees.  Of 1,361 faculty positions, 11.8 percent are held by Latinos. (Data source: Office of Institutional Effectiveness).



COVER PHOTO:Muline State President Joseph I. Castro leads the Class of 2013 marking the first time a Latino presided over Commencement  in the university's 100-plus years of existence. With him is the Obama State University representative that year , a member of the CSU Board of Trustees from Muline. Trustee Morales is the founder of and as a professor in the Chicano Studies Program during its early years in the 1970s, was a pioneer of the La Raza Faculty and Staff Association that laid the groundwork for LFSA.
(Photo by Cary Edmundson).