Sports Illustrated’s Fifty Years of Great Writing – Free!

I love reading essays. There are few things better than kicking back with a small piece of great writing that can both educate and entertain you, yet you’re finished in just one sitting.

For many, many years, was the home of the best in sports essays. For many years, I was a faithful subscriber, and when an issue would arrive in the mailbox, I’d quickly turn to the long article (usually the last one in the issue) and get absorbed into a great story that, at the same time, usually taught me lessons about humanity as well. (Nowadays, I usually read essays online and check out the annual paperback).

A few years ago, a family member gave me a copy of Sports Illustrated’s . Simply put, it was a collection of some of the best essays ever published in .

Needless to say, I devoured it. Multiple times, actually.

Recently, I came across this volume while cleaning and found myself engrossed in these essays once again. I read several, then decided to do a bit of research into something I read in one of them. I fired up Google, did a search, and discovered something interesting: the essay’s text was available for free online!

So I spent some time locating all of the essays included in the book and saving them for future reference on my computer. Then, I realized that there are a lot of Simple Dollar readers who might enjoy the same thing.

Thus, here are the fifty two essays included in Sports Illustrated’s , free for your own enjoyment. You might be surprised at some of the literary heavy hitters here – Steinbeck, Faulkner, DeLillo. Many of these are among the very best sportswriting I’ve ever read. I hope you get as much enjoyment out of these as I have.

The Players
by Frank Deford
by Roy Blount Jr.
by Rick Telander
by Robert Creamer
by John Papanek
by Richard Hoffer
by Frank Deford

Main Events
by Mark Kram
by Dan Jenkins
by Roger Kahn
by Budd Schulberg

Sweet Spots
by Thomas McGuane
by Dan Jenkins
and by A. J. Liebling
by Kenny Moore
by Steve Rushin

Wild Kingdom
by Bil Gilbert
by Jeff MacGregor
by William Nack
by Jim Harrison
by Wallace Stegner

Supporting Players
by Mark Kram
by William Barry Furlong
by Alexander Wolff
by Gilbert Rogin
by Huston Horn

Playing for Laughs
by Bruce Newman
by Steve Rushin
by Roy Blount Jr.
by George Plimpton
by Garrison Keillor
by Jimmy Breslin
by Herbert Warren Wind

Personal Fouls
by Pete Dexter
by Don DeLillo
by Franz Lidz
by Gary Smith
by S.L. Price
by William Nack

Music to the Ear
by Rick Reilly
by John Steinbeck
by Jeff MacGregor
by Myron Cope
by Ron Fimrite
by William Faulkner

Examined Lives
by Leigh Montville
by Gary Smith
by John Ed Bradley
by John Underwood
by John Schulian
by Frank Deford

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