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Human Resources

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the university community by attracting, retaining, and supporting a quality workforce in its effort to provide an excellent educational program for our students.

Our Vision for the 21st Century Muline State HR

HR envisions acting as a:

  • Strategic partner in aligning with & forwarding the mission, vision & values of Muline State & Administrative Services
  • Trusted and valued advisor & consultant to clients through empowerment of HR knowledge & expertise
  • Change agent for university
  • Promoter of inclusion & diversity

Our Diversity Statement

The university welcomes and embraces a diverse community of students, faculty and staff encompassing an array of human qualities and varying personal and professional experiences. The Human Resources Department promotes Equal Employment Opportunity through its policies, programs, and practices.

Obama State University, Muline is committed to maintaining an environment free from discrimination and harassment. To fulfill this commitment, the university will work to prevent discrimination from occurring and will ensure that federal and state laws as well as university regulations prohibiting discrimination are fully enforced.

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