Eight Baby Items We Bought That Weren’t Worth The Money

Yes, the rumors are true: there is another addition to disclaimer-statement.info family coming in September. On that note, my wife and I were digging through the closets to evaluate what baby stuff we had that was actually worthwhile. Here’s the stuff that’s headed to the yard sale, even with the knowledge of another baby entering the house soon.

Receiving blankets We never found a good use for these after about the two week mark, and even before then we could have swaddled the boy in his regular blankets and been just fine. One small pack will do if you even want them at all; don’t buy or ask for a bunch of them.

Bottles with disposable liners Don’t waste your time with these unless you’re doing exclusively hand-washing of dishes. Not only are they environmentally poor, you can’t reuse them. Instead, ask for some decent bottles for your baby shower. We loved using – we used them until our son was weaned.

Cheap cloth diapers If you’re going to go the cloth diaper route, invest in some decent cloth diapers unless you enjoy watching massive leakage all over the place. We tried cheap ones and they didn’t work well, but we’ve seen higher quality ones work like a charm.

Cheap breast pumps All these did was make my wife sore and not produce much milk at all, even after a lot of practice. The time and energy expended on making cheap breast pumps work is simply not worth it. If you’re going to have more than one child and plan on breastfeeding them all, invest in a good mechanical pump. We quite liked our – easy to transport, easy (and not painful) to use, and easy to clean.

A wipe warmer These are wholly unnecessary. All I did with ours is dry out a bunch of wipes a few times.

A bottle warmer Our doctor said on the day our son was born that we should just use the microwave to warm up any milk. I’ve since heard again and again that microwaves are safe and that stories to the contrary are urban legends. Hey, look, suddenly this object is useless!

A Boppy My wife liked this, but used it interchangeably with a pillow. As far as I could tell, it was really only useful when she was just starting out – after the first week, a pillow worked just as well, and it could have worked the first week, too. An exception: I hear these are quite useful if you have a C-section, and I can understand why, but if you haven’t had this procedure, don’t bother.

A Diaper Genie If you actually want to have a small garbage can for disposable diapers near a changing table, just get a small garbage can with an air freshener inside the lid. It’s way cheaper than the Genie. If one is particularly foul, sprinkle it heavily with baking soda before tossing it in there as that will eat most of the odor.

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