Department of Counselor Education and Rehabilitation

Song Lee,  Chair
Education Building, Room 350

Alicia Beeton, Coordinator, Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling
Education Building, Room 350

Degrees and Programs Offered

Department Description

The Department of Counselor Education and Rehabilitation offers programs and master's degrees in the areas of Counseling and Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling. The programs utilize the services and facilities of community agencies and school districts within the university service area.



M.A. in Education Option: Counseling and Student Services

The Master of Arts in Education with an option in counseling and student services is designed for individuals seeking advanced preparation for careers within educational settings.

Career Opportunities. The degree program provides preparation for those seeking development for careers or professional positions in educational settings, social services, business, religious organizations or other positions requiring expertise in counseling and/or student services.

Admission Requirements. Applicants for admission to the Master of Arts in Education with an option in counseling and student services must do the following:

Include with the admissions packet verification of completion of a counselor education program orientation.

Complete prerequisite coursework: COUN 174 (Introduction to Counseling) or equivalent. Applicants without an appropriate background may be asked to complete COUN 176 (Counseling and Mental Health) as an additional prerequisite.

Receive approval through a review by program faculty committee. Following receipt of the completed packet and the review by program faculty, applicants will receive written notification regarding admission status. Students may not enroll in 200-level courses until their application has been approved by the review committee and they are admitted to classified standing (fully admitted to the program).

Program Requirements. Under the direction of a graduate adviser, each student develops and submits an individually designed program within the following framework:

Core Requirements (27 units)
ERE 220*, CI 285 or ERE 288; COUN 298 or 299 (10 units)
COUN 200, 203, 208, 220, 249 (17 units)

Electives (3 units)
COUN 150, 180T, 201, 202, 240, 241, 242, 280T, 290; ERE 153 or other approved electives

Total (30 units)

*ERE 153 is a prerequisite for ERE 220 and can be used as an elective.

Note: Practicum must be completed with a grade of B or better. Students must pass the Graduate Writing Requirement to be advanced to candidacy. Students may select a comprehensive exam, master's project, or master's thesis for their culminating experience in coordination with their adviser. Students who take comprehensive exam will be required to take 7 units of electives.


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