The 4 Best South Carolina Homeowners Insurance Companies

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Turbulent weather conditions in South Carolina, such as flooding and hurricanes, force homeowners to pay higher than average home insurance premiums. The average rate in South Carolina totaled  per year, slightly above the $1,034 U.S. average. Where you live in South Carolina makes a huge difference, however, and residents of each area face specific challenges that affect their homeowners insurance costs.

In order to be confident that you’re receiving the lowest rates with maximum coverage to hedge against the risks most prevalent in your area, do your research before selecting a homeowners insurance provider. To assist in your search, we’ve outlined our top picks for South Carolina homeowners insurance companies and provided a quote tool to gauge and compare policies:

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Allied Insurance

Founded in 1929 and backed by an A+ rating from A.M. Best, has been providing over 80 years of trustworthy auto, home, and specialty insurance coverage throughout the United States. Allied is owned by Nationwide but is distributed through independent local agents that understand the distinct coverage needs of the areas they serve and can assist in crafting customized plans accordingly.

Standard homeowners insurance from Allied provides protection in the event of fire and lightning, windstorms, smoke damage, freezing damage, and theft, as well as liability coverage for any injury or harm that occurs on the insured property.

Allied also provides the convenience of insuring non-primary residences such as seasonal homes, allowing you to pay lower premiums for the Allied dwelling fire insurance plan and give you peace of mind without the high cost.

Allied does not currently offer an online quote estimate, but you can use their agent locator to easily find and a representative in your area.


Allstate has a wide array of coverage and discount options, award-winning customer service and claims departments, and lower average rates than most of its competitors for homeowners insurance coverage in South Carolina.

Notable features of the Allstate policy include the option to insure non-standard dwellings, such as mobile homes and older homes, as well as their Claim RateGuard optional add-on, which guarantees that your premium rate won’t hike just because you filed a claim.

Allstate’s exclusive mobile app and web features, such as the Premium Gauge and Digital Locker tools, help you manage your policy and stay on top of your assets. The various educational resources and articles available on the Allstate website also gives the opportunity for conscious consumers to learn about their options and the specific of their policy, so in the event that disaster strikes and the time comes to file a claim, you can have the wherewithal to successfully recover their belongings and reduce the overall damage. Claims made through Allstate can be filed and tracked with easy, either via phone, through your online account, using your mobile app, or going to directly to one of the hundreds of local offices.

South Carolina Farm Bureau

South Carolina Farm Bureau is an independently owned nonprofit that prides itself on a history of providing comprehensive insurance coverage exclusively to South Carolina customers at an affordable price. Insuring your home through the South Carolina Farm Bureau not only supports the local economy and the farmers in the state, it also provides you with personalized customer care and membership to the South Carolina Farm Bureau itself.

Along with this membership come exclusive discounts, including those on hotel stays, rental cars, office supplies, merchandise, alarm systems, healthcare needs and more. Visit the to learn more about membership and member benefits.

Although the South Carolina Farm Bureau doesn’t have online or mobile tools available, the company has over 200 local agents, over 100 local claims professionals, multiple drive-in claims service centers, and a 24/7 hotline to report claims or provide assistance, making the process hassle free.

The Hartford

With consistently high customer satisfaction reviews and an outstanding claims department, is becoming a top competitor in the South Carolina homeowners insurance market. The Hartford offers customizable coverage packages that can fit the distinct needs of your home and budget, allowing you to choose your optimal level of protection without overpaying.

Insuring with The Hartford and bundling your homeowners policy with your auto insurance will also get you up to 20% off your premium (you’ll receive 5% off the car insurance premium as well), and other discount options include price breaks for upgrading your home security or for being an AARP member.

If the unfortunate time comes to file a claim does come, you can do so with ease using The Hartford’s online portal or calling their 24/7 claims line. And, according to multiple user reviews, you can rest assured that your request will be processed efficiently and professionally.

The 4 Best South Carolina Homeowners Insurance Companies

  • Allied Insurance
  • Allstate
  • South Carolina Farm Bureau
  • The Hartford

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Enter your ZIP code below and be sure to click at least 2-3 companies to find the very best rate.

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