The 4 Best Indiana Homeowners Insurance Companies

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Indiana is no stranger to inclement weather — harsh Midwestern winters bring about snow and ice storms, while summers often see thunderstorms, tornados, and flooding. Despite the relatively high risk of property damage, the Hoosier State has cheaper-than-average homeowners insurance premiums.

Shopping for an affordable policy in Indiana boils down to more than just premium rates, however. Important factors to consider include availability of customizable coverage, financial strength of the provider, and claims department reputation. To help narrow down your search, we’ve done the research for you and outlined our top picks for the highest value homeowners insurance companies in Indiana. We’ve also included an online quote tool so you can make accurate policy and price comparisons:

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State Farm

provides affordable coverage for single-family homes, condos, and manufactured homes, and offers some of the best options for farm and ranch protection, a valuable feature for many Indiana residents. A standard State Farm policy offers protection from damaged caused by fire and lightning, windstorms, vandalism, and theft. Your policy can be supplemented and customized with add-on coverage such as flood insurance, personal injury and liability protection, and home business insurance.

In the event that you experience a loss, you can feel confident knowing that State Farm has one of the largest claims networks in the world. File your claim online, via the 24-hour claims hotline, in person with a local agent, or using the State Farm PocketAgent mobile app.

State Farm also offers user-friendly tools such as their HomeIndex, which allows you to virtually catalog and store all of your covered possessions so you can recover them more efficiently after a loss. If your home requires emergency water mitigation or flooring repair, you can also take advantage of State Farm’s Premier Service Program, which sets you up with a vetted local Indiana contractor to carry out necessary repairs and return you back to your standard of living sooner.


Allstate - Home offers customers excellent educational resources and tools. Their online resource center features helpful articles, videos, checklists for homeowners, and specialty calculators to help you better navigate through homeownership.

Innovative tools like Allstate’s Premium Gauge, which allows you to see the direct impact different variables can have on your annual premium rate, help you stay on top of your policy and better understand what you can do to save money. Allstate helps you save further by offering premium discounts for policy bundling, installing security features, insuring a new or recently renovated home, signing up for automatic billing, or having a claim-free record. Additional price breaks are also awarded to retirees and new Allstate customers (for the first two years).

Notable Allstate policy features include their Claim RateGuard add-on coverage, which ensures that your annual premium won’t go up just because you file a claim. Allstate also offers a Green improvement reimbursement, which covers any additional costs incurred when replacing covered items or rebuilding your home with energy efficient materials after a loss.

Insuring what matters most to you is easy to do through Allstate — the company has add-on protection options for things like sports equipment, musical instruments, valuables like artwork and jewelry, and electronic data.

Indiana Farmers Mutual

is a local company that has been serving Hoosiers since 1877 — so they have a pretty firm grasp on the specific conditions facing Indiana homeowners. Indiana Farmers offers customizable coverage options for single-family homes, condos, and mobile homes with policy add-ons for windstorm protection, floods, personal property, and identity theft. Policyholders can receive price breaks for bundling auto and home policies as well as making home system upgrades and renovations.

Unlike national insurers, Indiana Farmers Mutual doesn’t offer as many resources to customers, and their website lacks information on policy specifics and discount options. However, for those who may appreciate a more old-school approach, the company has over 200 independent agents located throughout the state and is committed to providing affordable rates and personalized care in the Indiana homeowners insurance market. Customers also receive a quarterly educational newsletter, which addresses topics like tips on protecting your home and various ways to save on your premium.

For more information on obtaining a quote or determining whether insuring with Indiana Farmers is the right choice for your home and living situation, visit their website and locate an agent in your area.

American Family

is a popular choice for Indiana homeowners insurance because the company offers cheap comprehensive policies with multiple opportunities to save. A standard AmFam policy protects against property damage caused by fire and lightning, smoke, windstorms and hail, theft, and vandalism. Each policy also helps pay for any additional living expenses incurred if your home is unlivable after a covered loss. Add-on options include personal injury and liability coverage, as well as increased protection for home offices and in-house daycares.

American Family determines premium rates based on an array of variables — customer loyalty and longevity, claims history, credit information, deductibles, and discounts are automatically factored in to make sure you receive the best possible price on your policy. AmFam policy discounts include those extended to customers who bundle multiple AmFam policies, install home security and fire protection devices, insure a new or recently renovated home, or insure a home built with impact resistant roofing materials. Visit the AmFam website to determine your discount eligibility and get accurate quote estimates.

The 4 Best Indiana Homeowners Insurance Companies

  • State Farm
  • Allstate
  • Indiana Farmers Mutual
  • American Family

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Enter your ZIP code below and be sure to click at least 2-3 companies to find the very best rate.

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