The 3 Best Arkansas Homeowners Insurance Companies

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The natural disasters that all too often hit Arkansas — such as tornadoes, windstorms, and flooding — make finding cheap homeowners insurance in the state a difficult task. The average annual premium in Arkansas was $1,312 in 2018, slightly above the national average for the year.

High premium prices make it all the more important to do your research and shop around for a policy to ensure that you feel secure protecting your most valuable asset at a price that matches your budget. We’ve also included an easy-to-use online quote tool so you can start shopping and get accurate estimates for providers in your area.

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Best Homeowner’s Insurance Companies in Arkansas for 2018

After researching top providers of homeowners insurance in Arkansas, we’ve outlined the three companies we believe stand out in terms of price value.

The best homeowner’s insurance companies in Arkansas for this year include:

  • State Farm
  • Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance
  • Allstate

State Farm

has upheld a strong reputation for offering quality claims service at unbeatable prices, making it no surprise that the company is the leading writer of homeowners insurance in Arkansas. Should you experience a loss, you can easily file a claim via State Farm’s 24/7 phone reporting line, online, in person with a local representative, or using their handy Pocket Agent mobile app.

State Farm has one of the largest claims networks in the world. Use State Farm’s HomeIndex tool to compile a wirelessly synced inventory of your possessions so that you are better able to keep track and recover losses. If your home is damaged after a covered loss and you require flooring repairs or emergency water mitigation services, State Farm’s Premier Service Program connects you with qualified contractors in your area to restore your home.

State Farm has some of the cheapest policies available for Arkansas homeowners and offers a Discount Double Check feature, which ensures that any discounts you are eligible for are automatically applied to your policy.

State Farm lacks certain discounts that are popular among other providers. For example, owners of new or recently renovated homes don’t receive extra savings with State Farm, so if you qualify for that price break, it may be worth doing shopping around further.

Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance

Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance and make up two of the largest and most trusted providers of homeowners insurance in Arkansas. The companies offer an affordable policy package that protects your dwelling, other structures on your property, your personal belongings, and additional living expenses you may incur following a covered loss.

Additional coverage for valuables can be obtained if you purchase an Inland Marine policy, which protects things like jewelry, furs, guns, and sports equipment. Because the Farm Bureau is local, agents in your area can also craft a policy with coverage you need for any items not otherwise listed.

To apply for insurance with either the Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance or the Farm Bureau of Arkansas, you must first become a member of a County Farm Bureau organization. Membership perks include banking privileges, private offers from participating companies like GM, and specialty discounts through SavingsPlus on things like rental cars, hotels, protective devices, and even prescription drugs.

Becoming a member and insuring your Arkansas home with the Farm Bureau is a great way to support your local community, receive perks, and have coverage for your home that you can trust.


Allstate extends a wide array of coverage to Arkansas residents for just about any type of standard dwelling — be it a single-family house, condo, mobile home, or even an older home, which is a pretty rare policy offering. Notable features from an Allstate policy include the ability to select from a host of unique add-on coverages and protect your most important assets, such as a home businesses, musical instruments, electronic data, or expensive sports equipment.

Allstate also offers green improvement reimbursal, which pays you back for any additional costs associated with using energy-efficient materials to rebuild your home or replace damaged items after a covered loss.

Allstate helps you save on your already-affordable homeowners insurance policy by providing plenty of discount opportunities. Beside standard discounts like multiple policy bundling and installing protective devices, Allstate goes above and beyond and offers a 10% welcome discount for new customers, 20% for going claim-free, and 5% just for signing up for automatic bill pay.

In addition to discounts, customers can also take advantage of Allstate’s top-notch policy management tools. The Premium Gauge, for instance, allows you to see how different factors, such as the age of your home, affect your annual premium. Other resources include the Digital Locker, which helps you keep track of all your covered possessions, as well as educational videos and articles, safety checklists, and specialty calculators.

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