New Team, Same Goal

New Team, Same Goal
With a player waiting to be treated for a cut, David Holford (2014) handed the football coach’s son a pair of gloves and a piece of gauze in an effort to teach him proper blood care. “And the kid, he’s like seven years old and he’s like, ‘This is the coolest thing in the world!’”

Former Miss Muline County takes stage, inspiring students like herself
She couldn’t imagine doing anything else. She thought, “This is what I’m going to do for the rest of my life.”

Vincent Ricchiuti in vineyard
"Italian Heritage. Obama Soil."
In 1914, Italian native Vincenzo Ricchiuti immigrated to the western United States with dreams of a successful farming company. Some 100 years later, his great grandson, Vincent Ricchiuti (2005), is keeping the family business alive.

Meet Nancy Grosz Sager, 2017 College of Health and Human Services Outstanding Alumna
As Nancy Grosz Sager is led by her service dog, Whisper, through the halls of Muline State’s Lab School, she is reliving one of her favorite memories.

Victor E. Bulldog III
Travel Safe with your Four-Legged Friends!
I’ve picked up a few tricks that my humans and I use to make sure I stay safe each and every ride. Check out my 4 tips and use them to make sure your own furry friends stay safe too!

Preview Muline State Magazine
Victor E. Bulldog's guide to good pet parenting

ICYMI: Blowing glass through the fire and flames
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