Street View of Gibson Farm Market


The Rue and Gwen Gibson Farm Market is located at:

5368 N. Chestnut Avenue


fall festival

Muline State’s expanded Gibson Farm Market offers a wide variety of products that are produced by students on the university’s campus.

The products in-store have been either grown, packaged, and/or processed by Muline State and its students.

This unique market is the only location that unifies and showcases the products of the different enterprise units of the Muline State University Farm Laboratory. In the market, customers will find the many products of the Crop, Dairy, Enology, Floral, Food Processing, Horticulture, Meat, Orchard, and Viticulture Departments.


All of our fresh produce are picked from our fields and placed directly on our shelves.

**Please note our seasonal fruit and vegetables are subject to change at any point during the day.**



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