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Travel & Booking

All transportation arrangements booked through Concur is billed directly to the State's Direct Bill account. University guests and employees traveling on university business may take advantage of direct billing. To access Concur, .  Look for the "Concur Travel" link near the bottom of homepage Menu.

  • A Business Travel Account (BTA) authorization form must be on file for every employee and guest traveler before using the Concur booking tool. Find the form in My Muline State > Forms Portfolio> Employee> Business Traveler Account
  • Concur is not for personal travel
  • Personal credit cards cannot be used to purchase airfare, rail or car rentals through Concur
  • The Direct Bill account does not include hotel reservations. A personal credit card must be used to hold a reserved room until check-in
  • Special conference room rates and reservations must be made directly with the negotiated hotel(s)
  • Campus departments are highly encouraged to purchase airfare for guest travelers through Concur. A BTA form must be on file before making guest reservations
  • Obtain prior approval for student group travel before contacting a Concur agent.

Booking Fees

The booking fees for using Concur's online booking tool and CALTravelStore reservations have increased effective April 5, 2015. The new rates are as follows:

Service/Description Online Transaction Fee Agent Assisted Fee
Air/Rail/Car/Hotel Reservation* $7.00 $12.00
Hotel and/or Car Only Reservation $5.00 $12.00
After hours (per call) N/A $16.00

 *Flat fee for booking any combination of domestic or international air, rail, car and hotel.

No online transaction fees for changes, voids, cancellations, or exchanges; however, if an online transaction requires agent assistance for post-ticketing changes, the original online transaction fee will be adjusted to an agent-assisted transaction fee, not a total of both fees.

After-hours calls that result in a new reservation will only be charged the after-hours fee. Travelers will not incur both a transaction fee and an after-hours fee.

Concur Tutorials

Click on the links below for tutorials to assist you with Expense Management:

Profile & Delegate

Expense Delegate 

Travel Arranger


Expense Report 

Mobile App

ExpenseIt for Mobile


What is Concur used for? 

Concur is used for employee travel booking, pre-approval for international travel, travel expense reimbursements and reporting for auditing purposes.

Who can use Concur?

 Only state employees will be able to access Concur at this time. 

Is Concur required?

The Concur booking tool is not required. The request and expense modules will be required for all state employees as of February 1, 2017.

Can I log in to Concur from any computer?

 Yes. You can log in to Concur from any computer and also through the Concur mobile app.

How do I sign in to Concur?

Access to Concur is available through your Muline State Portal. Once you sign in to your portal, click the Concur Travel link. 

How do I get a Cost Center Code in order to make reservations?

Complete a Business Travel Account (BTA) form in Forms Portfolio, and send it to Accounting Services. You will receive the form back with an assigned Cost Center code. Then you’ll be able to make reservations.

Does this affect any of the travel policies?

No. The current travel policies for state travel have not changed.

Can I pay for registration through Concur?

No. The Concur Expense System is for employee reimbursement purposes only. Continue to submit your travel supplier invoices on a Direct Pay Form.

How do I sign up for mobile registration?

There is a mobile registration page in your profile settings. Download the Concur app and enter the company code and your Muline State user ID and password. For your security, you will be prompted to enter your Muline State ID and password each time you log into the Concur mobile app.

Do I need to create a PIN for my Concur Mobile App?

No. You do not need a PIN code for the Concur app. However, there is another app called Expense It that you can use to work along with the Concur Expense program.

What is Expense It? 

The Expense It app allows travelers to take a photo of a receipt and the app will save the expense information to be added to their Expense Report.

What is the difference between the Concur Mobile App and the Expense It App?

With the Concur Mobile App, you can make travel reservations, manage trip itineraries, capture receipts with your camera phone, create a travel request, create an expense report, and approve travel requests and expense reports.

With the Expense It app, you can capture receipts from your camera phone and begin creating your expense report. Your expenses and receipts will be automatically uploaded and categorized for you in the Expense system, ready for you to submit for approval.

How can I create travel requests or expense reports for my faculty?

Your faculty will have to assign you as their “Expense Delegate” in their profile settings. 

What is the difference between a “Travel Arranger” and an “Expense Delegate”?

A Travel Arranger can make travel arrangements for employees in the booking tool. The request or expense delegates are given permission to create requests or expense reports on behalf of other employees.

Do I submit a travel request to get reimbursed for travel expenses?

No. To submit your out-of-pocket expenses for reimbursement, use the Concur Expense Report. The Concur Travel Request is used to obtain pre-approval for travel, particularly international travel. The request is also used to request a travel advance for those individuals who have been pre-approved by the Accounting Supervisor. If your department requires the travel application for travel pre-approval, the Concur Travel Request may be used in the same manner.

How do I route my request for approval?

Concur will automatically route your request electronically for approval based on the funding selected. Make sure to verify that your approvers are correct at the time of creating a new travel request. If the approvers listed in the Concur Workflow are incorrect, contact the travel desk immediately.

What if my manager is on vacation or out of the office for an extended period of time? How does my Request get approved?

Contact your Department Travel Coordinator to confirm if your manager has delegated someone in your office to approve travel requests and expense reports on his/her behalf.

How do I know when my request has been approved?

Click the requests tab, find the name of your request, and review the status column.

Is there a way that I can split funding with another funding source?

Yes. When all expenses have been entered in your expense report, select one of the expenses in the expense summary and click the “Allocate” button. You can allocate the one expense you selected, or click the cancel button to allocate a group of expenses or selected expenses.

How do I attach the necessary receipts to my expense report?

Receipts can be uploaded from your mobile device or scanned into your computer to be attached.

What do I do if a receipt has an alcohol expense on it?

Deduct the cost of the alcoholic beverage from the claim amount.

What is the typical reimbursement turnaround time?

Reimbursement turnaround time, on average, is within ten business days.

What happens if my trip costs exceed the approved budget?

If you have only been allowed a certain amount, enter expenses up to that approved amount.