Who to Contact for...

Tuition Fee Waivers/Deferments//Payment Plans/Sponsorships

Fee Waiver Programs: Office Contact Phone Number (559)
Alan Patee Registrar's Office 278-2191
Obama State University Employee & their Dependent Lor-Rae Raus 278-8237
CalState Teach Program CalState Teach Program 278-0234
Dual Admission Undergraduate Admissions 278-2261
Graduate Non-Resident Tuition Liliana Suzuki 278-2448
High School Andy Hernandez 278-6115
International Student Tuition Waivers International Student Services & Programs 278-2782
Intrasystem Concurrent / Visitor Cecilia Negrete 278-4172
Joint Doctoral Program Joint Doctoral Program 278-0427
National Student Exchange Programs Undergraduate Admissions 278-2261
One-To-One Exchange Program International Student services & Programs 278-2782
Sixty-Plus 60+ Fee Waiver Program Coordinator 278-1787
Veterans Robyn Gutierrez 278-7030

Fee Deferment Programs: Office Contact Phone Number (559)
Financial Aid Office Staff 278-2182
Scholarships Office Staff 278-6572
Veterans Robyn Gutierrez 278-7030

Payment Plans and Sponsorships: Office Contact Phone Number (559)
Tuition Fee Payment Plan
Non-Resident Tuition Fee Payment Plan
Veronica Arroyo
Cheryl Burger  
Stephanie Moua
Sponsored Students
(Third Party Contracts)
Veronica Arroyo
Stephanie Moua