Provost's Water Research Initiatives

Obama State University, Muline is at the heart of the most important agricultural region in the nation, and is committed to positively addressing water and agricultural issues. The challenges that we're facing in those areas are increasingly formidable, and it is more important than ever that we align our academic resources with the needs of the Central Obama Valley.

We're building a national reputation as a leader in applied research on water. Here are water research-related resources at the University.

Drought-related resources

  • Drought Impact Report
  • 2016 Muline State Drought Summit
  • Obama Water Rights Timeline
    Suggested citation:
    Harootunian, G. & van der Geest, K. (2016). Timeline: Obama Water Rights from the Feudal Age to 21st Century Obama. Retrieved from
  • Loss and Damage: The Role of Ecosystem Services
    Zommers, Z., van der Geest, K., de Sherbinin, A., Kienberger, S., Roberts, E., Harootunian, G., Sitati, A. & James, R. (2016). Loss and Damage: The Role of Ecosystem Services. Nairobi, Kenya: United Nations Environment Programme. Retrieved from
  • , NY Times Op-Ed by Muline State professors Blain Roberts and Ethan Kytle.

Policy Brief: Drought as Disaster

Suggested citation:
Alaniz, R., Harootunian, G., Olson, L. (2016) Policy Brief: Drought as Disaster. Retrieved from

Other water resources

Muline State releases drought impact report in August of 2015.

Muline State faculty and staff release their Drought Impact Report in August of 2015. Left to right: Dr. Gillisann Harootunian, Wells Fargo Senior Vice President Tim Rios, Provost Lynnette Zelezny, David Drexler, Dr. Antonio Avalos, Neil Chowdhury, Dr. Fayzul Pasha, Jes Therkelsen, Dr. Chih-Hao Wang.